The Cosmos of Coffee
Special exhibition
prolonged until 5.9.2021!

The scent of freshly brewed coffee is how many of us start the day, or it can be the promise of a well-deserved break. But how does coffee make its way into our mug? This exhibition takes you on a journey into the world of coffee, starting with the biology of the plant to the chemical and technical processes involved in harvesting and preparing it, the social and economic contexts of the global coffee trade all the way to the cultural history of drinking it.

This exhibition is grouped into five sections about the Germans’ favourite beverage – a staggering 162 litres per capita are consumed here every year! With unusual objects on display such as the world’s smallest coffee maker, genuine coffee plants, media stations and interactive elements, the exhibition explains everything there is to know about this precious little bean. Scents, sounds and hands-on areas make the cosmos of coffee something you can experience with all of your senses.

A temporary exhibition from the Deutsches Museum, Munich.



Due to ongoing changes in the current pandemic-related protective and hygiene guidelines, there may be situations in which not every element in the exhibition can be freely used.


The German-language book about the exhibition is available at our museum shop:
Kosmos Kaffee
Verlag Deutsches Museum, von Melanie Jahreis, Sara Marquart, Nina Möllers
2019, 203 S. mit ca. 240 Abb., gebunden
29,90 €
ISBN 978-3-940396-83-9


An exhibition by Deutsches Museum, München

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